Media Telecom

Media Telecom is an established UK telecommunications network operator successfully growing nationally and internationally. We offer a range of services and facilities for our customers, to help reflect, compliment and improve on the professionalism of their companies.

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Our Numbers

Media Telecom

O8O Freephone Numbers

Make your business more attractive to call by having a free to call number, now completely free from any landline and mobile

Media Telecom

O845 Business Numbers

An 0845 number will give your business a national appeal, and show your callers that you are a serious corporate organisation

Media Telecom

O7O PNS Numbers

These are also known as 'follow me' numbers and can be routed to landline and mobile phones with ease, giving you security and anonymity when using online services

Media Telecom

O843 / 44 Numbers

Earn revenue for call to your organisation and offset other business overheads with a national 0843/4 number

Media Telecom

O871 / 72 Numbers

Earn revenue for call to your organisation and offset other business overheads with a national 0871/2 number, with rebates up to 8.5p per minute

Media Telecom

Premium Rate Numbers

If you are looking for a number for competitions, phone ins, horoscopes, or racing tips, premium rate numbers are a perfect way to make the most of revenue opportunities

Call Management

Set up

Our call management packages are quick and easy to set up. Your account
can be ready in a matter of minutes!


Need help? We'll be available to help solve any problems you may be experiencing.

Real Time Reporting

Our powerful reporting system allows you to see your call statistics in real
time, and also allows you to monitor information such as average call
duration, how many unique calls you received and much much more.


Customise your call routing using our easy to use management system.

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Call Features

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Call Whisper

Call Whisper service plays a short voice message to you (the receiver of the call) before connecting the caller with you. This will help you quickly identify whether you're receiving a business or personal call so you can answer with the appropriate company greeting.

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Voicemail & Voicemail to Email

Where operators are not available, or call has been received outside your working hours, calls can be routed to voicemail. Call details and a recorded message are emailed to a predefined address.

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Welcome Message

Calls can be routed to an announcement service, which will play a pre-recorded message to the caller. Different announcements can be played during active time, out of hours and during a holiday period.

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Call Queuing

Inbound calls that cannot be answered immediately can be placed in a queue until an extension becomes free. This ensures no calls are missed. Whilst being held in the queue callers can be played hold music or ringing with periodic queue comfort messages.

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Forward to All

Ring all of your destinations at one and cut down your response time. All numbers will ring until one is answered.

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See which number is calling you, and then choose whether you would like to answer it

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Time Based Forwarding

Time Based Routing allows for call to be routed according to time and/ or date. This enables you to direct calls to a member of the business during working hours and to a voicemail or simply a message during out of hours